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Why you should work out

Every time I  workout, I see the same girl who works there. Last time she said that I work out a lot. I told her yea, I have a goal. Today, however, she asked me, " Why do you work out?" I told her that I had a goal, and I wanted to have abs. Then she said, " you want abs, thats weird."

I'm not saying that whatever this girl said was wrong, but it just got me thinking, what is "weird" about wanting a flat stomach? Is it so weird that I care about my health? If you are like this girl and don't see the need to understand why it is important, here are a few reasons why.

It will make you healther: This is an obvious reason, but I really want to put an emphisis on this. Acording to the CDC, the number one killer of of ALL  people in the United States is heart disease!  Globally, in high income countries, according the World Health Organization, this is also the same!, ! so to be preventive, we should work out now to improve our health!

  • working out lowers your blood pressure, which  helps the heart

  • working out improves blood flow, which prevents blood clots, which in turn prevents stroke.

  • working out reduces your stress level

People, if there is anything I  have learned from working out, it's that true beauty literally comes from the inside.  In addition to eating healthy foods, working out healps you look good!

  • You'll begin to see definition all around your body

  • your hair  and face will be shiner

  • you'll fit into cloths  easier

  •  with the help of water, you will begin to see a clear face.

I could go on but the main point is this: almost any beauty related problem can be helped with a proper diet and excerise! I'm so serious! i've seen these results for myself!  any other benifits? post below

{Kime Says}