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How I overcame food addiction

I have metioned in almost every food blog how addicted i am to food and have troble controlling my cravings. Going vegan has somehow helped me curve my addiction to food. as mentioned before, i now just reach for an alternative food when i am beginning to have a craving. I eather eat a bananna, or just drink water. as time goes on, i notic that my taste buds chaged!

going vegan has made me look at food from an outsider.  I saw how glutnus so many people are in our society with food! in teh beeginning, i didnt know what to really eat, so i always ate food to sustain me, and not for pleasure, and was careful to not waste leftovers. so many people eat food just to eat it. i admit, this is good once in a while, but all time for me now just sounds digusting. how can we do this when some people dont have anything at all? look at it like cloths or anything else in life. you need just enough. yes, spluge a little but not alot!

now that im not vegan, i am more aware of what i am eating and how much i eat it. the first few days, i went crazy ( and payed dearly for it with a horrible stomach ache) and now i feel that i have found the great balance!