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My Skin Care routine

For the longest time I have suffered from dry skin. Afer years of searching I have finally found a simple routine to help keep my skin feel soft and less dry then before.

Morning: Wash face with cetaphil bar soap. This cleanses the skin while leaving  my skin moisterized and not stripping it of it's natural oils. Next, I  I  mosterize with the JAR cetiphal lotion with a bit of jojoba oil mixed in. For some reason, I feel that the jar one is much thicker than the one in the bottle. on super cold days, i add my shea butter lotion for extra protection.

Nights: Wash face. I use Missha liquidly facial cleanser to clense my face,its a  South Korean brad and is the BEST! I suggest you all use it.  I then follow up with  night cream.

once a week: exfoliate with _________ cleanser and a facial scrubbie. This leaves my skin feeling smooth and renewed again! I got this in South Korea, but i used to use st. johns faical scrub.

Every day: DRINK WATER. im pretty sure i mention this in every other blog. drink water, and you will be happy.

other tips: use natural oils, take vitimens or eat special foods that help with skin if you are expirencing difficulties

see a doctor. you may think im crazy, but this is what i think is the best solution after creating a routine that dosnt seem to be working. they may  have stronger solutions or cremes that you can use.

wash your makeup off every night! use witchhazel after washing your face to get it all off!  keep your foundation use to a minimun to prevent achne buildup.

keep it simple and hou will see results!