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Mind Body Soul: Tips for healthy mind

The past few months has taken me on a journey that i am excited to go on. going vegan has helped me take innative in things that i always wanted to do inmy life. one goal for 2013 i had was healthy mind body and soul, and i feel that i am begginning to be healther in these departments everyday. there may be some challanges, but i feel  that i can see a significent change in how i maintain my spirtiual and physical health. tehre are some things in life tha tmay be out of our control, but i am finding ways to  deal with waht i can control, and ways to make myself happy.  i am so not perfect or contenct wehre i am in my spirutual journey, but just like working out, this is a lifestyle, sometimes we have to cut things out in order to make your selves happy. just like how your body needs good food and excerize, your mind does too! here are some things taht i have beeen doing to keep mentally fit


many of you may not be religous or spiritual, but i encourage everyone to take a day out of your life and just focus on you!  some things i do ( and you can modify for yourself are:

daily reflection followed by journal

i am the first one to admit that i get mental "cravings" for things that may not be good for me and indulge in them, but whwen iam on track, surronded by positive changes i see the difference. think abot when you change your eating habbits, in the beginning its so hard because you are craving those junk foods that are bad for you and give you poor energy, that is how i feel sometimes in my mental nd spirutual journey.  but when i feel myself with things i need, i become energized, and feel good! everything in moderation of course, but i realize now that i have to be the one in control of me, and not allow anyone else to.

Often times i shy away from these topics becasue i turly believe taht this is a personal relationship for the individual and the goals they want to achieve. i can only give suggestions to feel better inside, but the ultimate decision on what steps to take is up to you