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Interviews and elevator pitches!

If you meet the person who could hire you for your dream job, and only had thirty seconds to persuade them to do so, what would you say?  This is the essence of an elevator pitch!   The key is to know your goals, and have confidence in your abilities!  Keep it short, straight to the point and give a business card at the end!  Who are you? What are you doing now? How have your past abilities helped you and will help you towards this position? What are your long and short-term goals? These are all questions to keep in mind with forming an elevator pitch. Often at interviews and informal interviews, you will hear, "tell me about yourself" your answer should not be the time for you to be humble, nor arrogant. Use your elevator pitch to cater your past experiences and goals to the position at hand.  Below are a few tips for informal and formal interviews!

Informal interviews are like conversations with someone in a position or organization that you like. They help you network, gain experience and eventually get a job. In order to land an informal interview, you have to put yourself out there. E-mail people asking about their company and see if they will meet with you. Network to get these opportunities.

A formal interview is probably one of the last things you have to do in order to land an internship or job! You are finally there and made it. Consider the interview just a way to seal the deal!  Here are some tips:

  •  Always have questions ready to ask about the position or organization

  •  Look up something about the place you want to work for as well as the staff to get a feel about the job and incorporate it into your interview

  •  Write a thank you letter after the interview

  •  Dress accordingly.

  •  Arrive early!

  •  Have copies of all necessary documents just in case

  •  Have proper etiquette appropriate for the job!

  •  Don't talk down about other companies or people. Focus on what you can do, and how you can strive for this job

  •  Give examples of how past experiences and skills can help you with the current position!

  •  Elaborate on your resume! Say the things it does not!

  • Research common questions and be prepared to answer them. You can find some examples here.

  • Practice in front of the mirror if you are nervous

  • Be yourself! If you lie to get hired, how long do you think you can keep that up?