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How to get Jobs and internships: Cover Letters, Resumes and Refrences.

Building the correct resume is a very crucial step in getting a job or internship.  here are some tips:


  • Write a personal cover letter and resume for each position you are applying to.

  • Provide references from people who know your character, and you know will give you a positive review .You may acquire great references from networking

  • Spell check

  • Have an objective

  • Include key words: Some jobs use a machine to find key words they are looking from the vacancy announcement, and never even look at the other applications that don't include them.

  • Mention where you found the vacancy announcement.

  • Have a nice email. This goes towards your image. isn’t professional

  • Put experience relevant to the job at the top so it is the first thing employers see

  • Have a generic resume saved to your computer with all your experiences that you can pull parts  of it for each position you apply to

  • Don't lie! If you lie about a skill you don't have you will be caught and fired. This looks tacky and isn't very smart.


Cover letters:

  • Be short and sweet. I usually think of a cover letter as an interview. Tell them why and how you would make a great candidate, and expand on what your resume doesn't tell them.

  • Showcase your knowledge of the company or organization you are trying to work with, by adding how your skills work  adequately with the organization, or how upon reading their recent project, going to their last event, you were intrigued that..... (You get the idea)

  • Show personal interest!

{Kime Says}