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Season of Lent: Going Vegan

I've decided that for Lent I'm going vegan, except that I'm going to start tomorrow! I completely disagree with eating mass-produced chemically induced animals shipped from far away.

At the same time, I don't agree with the philosophy of veganism. I believe that sometimes people are picking the level of commitment that is convenient for them. How can you live in modern society, drive on roads that were once lived by animals, in cars that use animal products, and take medicine that have been tested on animals and get upset with JUST eating and wearing animals? I feel that this is a HUGE copout.

Because of my conflicting views on animal rights, I feel that embracing veganism will help me understand it. I also feel that this is a great mental challenge for the season of Lent. It may sound weird, but I believe that focusing on what really sustains me whenever I'm craving something will strengthen my spirituality.

I will start by fasting until Thursday, (one meal a day) and then after that eat food with no mean products. I will try to record my process beginning on Ash Wednesday with meals and mental notes!

{Kime Says}