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How to deal with cravings!

As I have mentioned in my previous Blogs. (click here) I have a huge sweet tooth! For the longest time, I didn't know how to control it. while I'm still working on controlling my cravings, I  have found these tips helpful in controlling how I manage my sweet addiction!

  1. Find a healthy alternative!  I will not go for  a peanut putter sandwich, or put honey in my tea, so I still get the sweet effect.

  2. Eat fruit!.  For me, the taste of a banana is very good and sweet. I can usually manage to "trick my body" into thinking that its sweeter than it really is. I always have a banana with me now when I feel like I  need to eat sweet things just to have a healthy alternative. 

  3. Stay full.  I notice that if I'm hungry, I'm quick to indulge myself in unhealthy meals. often times, people mistake thirst for hunger. The first thing I do if I'm hungry or craving something is to drink water! Next, I'll eat my meal and have my healthy alternative.

  4. Plan your meals! if I know what I'm going to eat, it almost forces me to  stay on track with the plan I have, and prevents me from straying from the plan.

  5. Plan your shopping trips! I find that going to the grocery store is sometimes the root of where these cravings start. As I  mentioned in my last blog (here) I usually shop at the walls of the store, where the healthy things are! I also plan when I'm going to the store, and make a list of what I'm going to buy!

  6. Carry exact change to the store. while making a list, I only carry cash and leave my debit card behind at home.  this prevents me from buying the food I don't need

  7. Don't buy it! I found out a long time ago that I cannot eat my sweets and save some for later. For that reason in the store, I don't buy the huge sizes of sweets that are supposed to last for days. I don't fool myself and pretend that my limits will change.

  8. Everything in moderation. with that said, there are days that if I am shopping at the store, I will get one fun size candy to eat. I feel very good when I do this because I like how it tastes, and its a good reward for me.

  9. Eat sweets just before or just after working out. Often times these sweets are "bad" carbs and filled with lots of sugar that give you a burst of energy that lasts for a short while. for that reason, I often eat my sweets before to feel like I burned it off, but also to get that extra burst of energy.

  10. Workout. while I may decided to let myself eat sweets after working out, Often times I don't feel like it! I'm not sure why, but for some reason, I just feel healthy after eating.

  11. Don't feel bad! there are many days when I eat the whole box of Oreos, or chips and one dollar meals for the whole day. While I know that it's not healthy for me, I realize that too much guilt  isn't a good thing. I learn from my mistakes and decide to make a better choice for the next day.

  12. Set aside a day that you can eat whatever you want! I am going to try this! Once you plan your meals and stick to a workout schedule a day off will be good.

  13. Change your taste buds. everyone who has done this once a week thing has said that they don't even like sweets after a while of fasting. after  a while of not eating sweets, if you decide to eat them, you will notice how sweet they really are

  14. Never give up! You are human and strong! Think about your long-term goals, and you will succeed!

{Kime Says}