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Going Vegan Update

It's been one week of going vegan and I can already feel changes!

I have more self-control in regards to junk food. As mentioned in my previous blogs (here),  I don't know how to deal with cravings or control my sweet tooth. But as a vegan, knowing what I can and cannot have  makes it easier to  watch someone eat something that I would otherwise crave.

One challenge however, is going out to eat. It is much easier to cook foods at home, but when I constantly have to ask restaurants what their products are made of to make sure they are vegan. It makes me feel as though I'm a burden in some way  to my server.  I noticed that I also feel guilty sometimes.  A few new goals in vegan life: stop feeling guilty, and begin to work out again. More to come!

{Kime Says} 

Season of Lent: Going Vegan

I've decided that for Lent I'm going vegan, except that I'm going to start tomorrow! I completely disagree with eating mass-produced chemically induced animals shipped from far away.
At the same time, I don't agree with the philosophy of veganism. I believe that sometimes people are picking the level of commitment that is convenient for them. How can you live in modern society, drive on roads that were once lived by animals, in cars that use animal products, and take medicine that have been tested on animals and get upset with JUST eating and wearing animals? I feel that this is a HUGE copout.

Because of my conflicting views on animal rights, I feel that embracing veganism will help me understand it. I also feel that this is a great mental challenge for the season of Lent. It may sound weird, but I believe that focusing on what really sustains me whenever I'm craving something will strengthen my spirituality.

I will start by fasting until Thursday, (one meal a day) …

How to deal with cravings!

As I have mentioned in my previous Blogs. (click here) I have a huge sweet tooth! For the longest time, I didn't know how to control it. while I'm still working on controlling my cravings, I  have found these tips helpful in controlling how I manage my sweet addiction!

Find a healthy alternative!  I will not go for  a peanut putter sandwich, or put honey in my tea, so I still get the sweet effect.
Eat fruit!.  For me, the taste of a banana is very good and sweet. I can usually manage to "trick my body" into thinking that its sweeter than it really is. I always have a banana with me now when I feel like I  need to eat sweet things just to have a healthy alternative. 
Stay full.  I notice that if I'm hungry, I'm quick to indulge myself in unhealthy meals. often times, people mistake thirst for hunger. The first thing I do if I'm hungry or craving something is to drink water! Next, I'll eat my meal and have my healthy alternative.
Plan your meals! if I know …