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Mind Body Soul

My new years goal of focusing on my mind, body and soul has been so amazing! It has centered me more than I ever thought it would. I now recognize the aspects of myself that I need to focus on.   I plan to share my personal journey though my blog in the weeks to come!
Stay tuned!

{Kime Says}

How to get a job & internship: Never Give up!

To be quite honest, I wrote these tips for myself. I do all of them and still, I am struggling. I was in a funk for a while but remember, do whatever it takes to get what you believe in. I moved to the east coast because I believed it would be beneficial for me.

Don’t let road blocks set you back. Have a strong team of supporters who will lift you up when you fall. Now In Baltimore, I am not lying to you when I say I didn’t know a single soul when I came here. This journey has helped me realize who my true supporters are. Don’t give up! Hustle to get what you want! My father named me never gives up, because of his struggle to come to the United States and achieve the American dream. This is what keeps me going.  I can do anything. When I was little, I truly believed that everything and anything was possible for me, and nothing was out of my reach! Just hard work and research should get me where I want to go. Somehow I lost that assurance, but as the Spring approaches, I will have worke…

How I overcame food addiction

I have metioned in almost every food blog how addicted i am to food and have troble controlling my cravings. Going vegan has somehow helped me curve my addiction to food. as mentioned before, i now just reach for an alternative food when i am beginning to have a craving. I eather eat a bananna, or just drink water. as time goes on, i notic that my taste buds chaged!

going vegan has made me look at food from an outsider.  I saw how glutnus so many people are in our society with food! in teh beeginning, i didnt know what to really eat, so i always ate food to sustain me, and not for pleasure, and was careful to not waste leftovers. so many people eat food just to eat it. i admit, this is good once in a while, but all time for me now just sounds digusting. how can we do this when some people dont have anything at all? look at it like cloths or anything else in life. you need just enough. yes, spluge a little but not alot!

now that im not vegan, i am more aware of what i am eating and how m…

Interviews and elevator pitches!

If you meet the person who could hire you for your dream job, and only had thirty seconds to persuade them to do so, what would you say?  This is the essence of an elevator pitch!   The key is to know your goals, and have confidence in your abilities!  Keep it short, straight to the point and give a business card at the end!  Who are you? What are you doing now? How have your past abilities helped you and will help you towards this position? What are your long and short-term goals? These are all questions to keep in mind with forming an elevator pitch. Often at interviews and informal interviews, you will hear, "tell me about yourself" your answer should not be the time for you to be humble, nor arrogant. Use your elevator pitch to cater your past experiences and goals to the position at hand.  Below are a few tips for informal and formal interviews!

Informal interviews are like conversations with someone in a position or organization that you like. They help you network, gai…

My Skin Care routine

For the longest time I have suffered from dry skin. Afer years of searching I have finally found a simple routine to help keep my skin feel soft and less dry then before.

Morning: Wash face with cetaphil bar soap. This cleanses the skin while leaving  my skin moisterized and not stripping it of it's natural oils. Next, I  I  mosterize with the JAR cetiphal lotion with a bit of jojoba oil mixed in. For some reason, I feel that the jar one is much thicker than the one in the bottle. on super cold days, i add my shea butter lotion for extra protection.

Nights: Wash face. I use Missha liquidly facial cleanser to clense my face,its a  South Korean brad and is the BEST! I suggest you all use it.  I then follow up with  night cream.

once a week: exfoliate with _________ cleanser and a facial scrubbie. This leaves my skin feeling smooth and renewed again! I got this in South Korea, but i used to use st. johns faical scrub.

Every day: DRINK WATER. im pretty sure i mention this in every other b…

How to get Jobs and internships: Cover Letters, Resumes and Refrences.

Building the correct resume is a very crucial step in getting a job or internship.  here are some tips:

Write a personal cover letter and resume for each position you are applying to.
Provide references from people who know your character, and you know will give you a positive review .You may acquire great references from networking
Spell check
Have an objective
Include key words: Some jobs use a machine to find key words they are looking from the vacancy announcement, and never even look at the other applications that don't include them.
Mention where you found the vacancy announcement.
Have a nice email. This goes towards your image. isn’t professional
Put experience relevant to the job at the top so it is the first thing employers see
Have a generic resume saved to your computer with all your experiences that you can pull parts  of it for each position you apply to
Don't lie! If you lie about a skill you don't have you will be caught and fired. This looks ta…

Mind Body Soul: Tips for healthy mind

The past few months has taken me on a journey that i am excited to go on. going vegan has helped me take innative in things that i always wanted to do inmy life. one goal for 2013 i had was healthy mind body and soul, and i feel that i am begginning to be healther in these departments everyday. there may be some challanges, but i feel  that i can see a significent change in how i maintain my spirtiual and physical health. tehre are some things in life tha tmay be out of our control, but i am finding ways to  deal with waht i can control, and ways to make myself happy.  i am so not perfect or contenct wehre i am in my spirutual journey, but just like working out, this is a lifestyle, sometimes we have to cut things out in order to make your selves happy. just like how your body needs good food and excerize, your mind does too! here are some things taht i have beeen doing to keep mentally fit

many of you may not be religous or spiritual, but i encourage everyone to take a day out of your…

Going Vegan Update

It's been one week of going vegan and I can already feel changes!

I have more self-control in regards to junk food. As mentioned in my previous blogs (here),  I don't know how to deal with cravings or control my sweet tooth. But as a vegan, knowing what I can and cannot have  makes it easier to  watch someone eat something that I would otherwise crave.

One challenge however, is going out to eat. It is much easier to cook foods at home, but when I constantly have to ask restaurants what their products are made of to make sure they are vegan. It makes me feel as though I'm a burden in some way  to my server.  I noticed that I also feel guilty sometimes.  A few new goals in vegan life: stop feeling guilty, and begin to work out again. More to come!

{Kime Says} 

Season of Lent: Going Vegan

I've decided that for Lent I'm going vegan, except that I'm going to start tomorrow! I completely disagree with eating mass-produced chemically induced animals shipped from far away.
At the same time, I don't agree with the philosophy of veganism. I believe that sometimes people are picking the level of commitment that is convenient for them. How can you live in modern society, drive on roads that were once lived by animals, in cars that use animal products, and take medicine that have been tested on animals and get upset with JUST eating and wearing animals? I feel that this is a HUGE copout.

Because of my conflicting views on animal rights, I feel that embracing veganism will help me understand it. I also feel that this is a great mental challenge for the season of Lent. It may sound weird, but I believe that focusing on what really sustains me whenever I'm craving something will strengthen my spirituality.

I will start by fasting until Thursday, (one meal a day) …

How to deal with cravings!

As I have mentioned in my previous Blogs. (click here) I have a huge sweet tooth! For the longest time, I didn't know how to control it. while I'm still working on controlling my cravings, I  have found these tips helpful in controlling how I manage my sweet addiction!

Find a healthy alternative!  I will not go for  a peanut putter sandwich, or put honey in my tea, so I still get the sweet effect.
Eat fruit!.  For me, the taste of a banana is very good and sweet. I can usually manage to "trick my body" into thinking that its sweeter than it really is. I always have a banana with me now when I feel like I  need to eat sweet things just to have a healthy alternative. 
Stay full.  I notice that if I'm hungry, I'm quick to indulge myself in unhealthy meals. often times, people mistake thirst for hunger. The first thing I do if I'm hungry or craving something is to drink water! Next, I'll eat my meal and have my healthy alternative.
Plan your meals! if I know …

How to stay fit on a budget!

Being a college student can make it difficult to stay healthy when you are on a tight budget. Here are some of the things I do to  stay fit and on a dime!

Plan and make your meals This is probably the best way to save money and eat healthy at the same time! Planning on what you are going to buy and having it prepared ahead of time prevents me from eating unhealthy snacks, which in turn saves me $$. I usually plan for a week at a time!

Tip: I usually end up shopping along the walls of the Grocery store. That is where the freshest items are ( meats, veggies etc) I then move in for seasonings, and oils towards the center.

Take your meals/ snacks with you! Don't be embarrassed to bring lunch! Having a snack with you already prevents you from buying things you don't need.
If I know I'm going to have a busy day, I plan when I'm going to eat. This makes sure I'm healthy, and again prevents me from getting something at McDonald's
WATER!! take a bottle of water with you all …