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The world is not ending


2012, Earthquake in Haiti, flood in Pakistan, huge earthquake in Japan. Illuminati. Now the world is ending.

Come on really? let's be honest with ourselves here people. I'm not saying that the world isn't ending, but  I am saying that maybe Global warming is more of an accurate cause for these events. The Illuminati thing? The Da Vinci Code. .. Add a little bit of globalization and pop culture and there you have it.

The thing that annoys me most about this is that these statements come from people who hear about natural disasters  through Facebook and  never do research on their own. Sure they might watch CNN every once in a while, but that's the extent to it.  Being a Christian myself I feel that I can only critique the claims of those from my religion.




If you are religious, you should always be prepared for the "end times."

2. If your knowledge of the news and global happenings only extends to what you see on the television, you should not apply this to how the world is ending. The news we see needless to say is so skewed, there are MANY  things that happen that we never get to hear on our news source. Find some sources from over time that include those out of the United States,  and out of the mainstream media before you start  using it to prove the end of days.

3. You are not God, God is. He is the only one who knows when the world is ending. I am not religious as I believe I should be, and statements like this are probably why: People are always trying to use the Bible for their own cause. .. Look at World War two, wouldn't the world have been over then? Or the Second Congo War?? how many of you even KNOW what that is?  Please people before you quit your jobs, remember this Bible verse: Matthew 24:36... EVERY generation thinks the world is over during their time.

We shouldn't wait for anyone, anything or any sign to start saving our planet and making a better world for ourselves.  Don't play God.  Just wait for the world to be over. Predicting the end of the world will just give you a headache.




This was originally posted on 3/15/11 via in the know. 


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