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How to get Jobs & Internships: Networking

Some people say it's not what you know, it's who you know. Networking helps you gain experience, find out about opportunities, find people for references and land formal and informal  interviews.  You may end up working at  a place where the person knows someone who used to work at the place you dream of working at! It may be a long shot, but it helps you get to where you want to go! Here are some tips on networking:

 Create an image.  I have previously  discussed tips for creating an image. Take extra steps like business cards or a personal website (discussed in a later blog) to help you stand out. Join  networking sites that cater to what you want to do. Linked in is a great start!

Go to events! This helps you see the expectations of your field. Possible events can be conferences, galas, rallies, or open houses for the public. You can use a search engine to see what events are around in your area. Ask questions and have your elevator pitch ready.

Conduct informal interviews: In order to have an informal interview,  find a company that you would like to work for, or intern for or a specific person whose job interest you, or Email someone in that company or that specific person to meet with.   At an informal interview, you can ask questions you have about the position such as exceptions, prerequisite etc.  At networking events, you may be able to ask all the questions on the spot. An informal interview doesn't give you a job, but it makes you known. If you have a great elevator pitch, the company might recommend you once an opening comes up.

Seek out alumni from your school: This is very similar to  carrying out an informal interview. Talk to your teachers about who has been doing things related to what you want to do, and ask if it would be possible to contact them. Once you do this, ask away. Create a bond!

Key points:

  • Talk to people

  • If you are shy, use email, and have key points ready when you meet in person

  • create an image

  • Remember names.

  • Connect and be personal with people

  • Take opportunities to be involved in volunteer opportunities to get to know people

  • Ask questions! get to know what you have to do to get where you want!

  • Additional links here  and here.

What would you add or take away for networking?

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