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How to get Jobs & Internships: Experience

This may be the most obvious way in landing a job, but many people overlook the simple experiences around us. Gaining experience helps you improve your resume andnetwork at the same time. Here are some tips, especially for those in undergrad for you to try in order to gain experience.

 1The first place that we should look for experience is in your school. Join school societies that are related to what you want to do.  Create events, projects, conferences and seminars to help you become prepared! If you are already part of a school group, and you feel that it has nothing to do with your future career goals. make it so! Ask them if you can create an event that caters to what you would like to do. Have a presentation pertaining to your goals, or current event in your field, or simply what your field is to gain experience.  Doing so will help you  put this down on your resume.

2. Let's say there is no organization on your campus, you could create one! This will look great on your resume, and you can tailor it to your specific needs. Another suggestion is to talk to your teacher to create an event and see if people are interested. This could be a project or presentation regarding your area of focus.

 3. If you are  intimidated  to create an organization, take on an extra course, or try to gain experience with your teacher. Do an independent study, or land an internship if you can.  Also, try volunteering at an organization first!

Remember, some experiences may not be  at the specific place or position you want to land, but experience helps you get closer to your goal.

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