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How to get Jobs & Internships: Creating an Image

Much of creating an image for yourself comes from networking, but this can help you in other ways as well. Creating an image doesn't mean lying about who you are,  it means knowing what about you is important to share and what isn't. With this, you will be able to network effectively.

  1. Use your real name or full name for all documents.  we may have nick names like "bubbles", but that isn't professional.

  2. As  I will mention  in writing a resume, don't assign a silly email to your name. Have something simple and professional. Use your school's email, or something simple like gmail. Most people use a portion or their whole name in emails. is good.

  3.  Watch what you post and who can see it on social media sites. Edit your privacy settings if you are weary of others seeing what you post.

  4. Watch what others post on your wall as well! you will be surprised how this can affect you.

  5. Create a professional page through a social media site like linked in. This way your name pops up from that site in search engines. Companies might recruit you through this as well.

  6. Think about investing or business cards.

  7. Network. This helps your image become well-known.

  8. Be yourself. Don't jump over hurdles to lie about who you are to work for a job. If they don't like something that you fundamentally believe in, or do, how do you think your working experience is going to be? Many of us want to get a job but its important to understand that we will be spending lots of time at this place.

Are there any other things you would add? Why or why not?

 {Kime Says}