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Green Smoothies and Juices!

In a previous blog I briefly mentioned how beneficial smoothies are.   Usually a green smoothie is one that  mainly consists of green vegetables and small amounts of fruit (usually for flavor) and water. It can be made into a juice (more finely blended) as well.  Here is a summary of some of their benefits:

  • Green juices  and smoothies are high in nutrients and fiber

  • Helps easy digestion

  • Makes the body more alkaline

  • Your skin acquires a healthy glow

  • Increased energy

  • Reduces cravings

  • Full of antioxidants

  • Quick tasty, easy healthy meal!

This youtube channel has some great smoothies to try!

All smoothies are not made the same. This article sites some smoothies ( mostly made in stores) that are not so healthy. Of course I'm not a doctor and I would suggest you see yours before you carry out any of these plans. I plan on starting to make green smoothies once I buy a blender, and use them after a work out.

More info on juicing and smoothies can be found  here here here and here.

Do you juice or make smoothies?  Comment Below!

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