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How to get Jobs & Internships: Experience

This may be the most obvious way in landing a job, but many people overlook the simple experiences around us. Gaining experience helps you improve your resume andnetworkat the same time. Here are some tips, especially for those in undergrad for you to try in order to gain experience.

 1. The first place that we should look for experience is in your school. Join school societies that are related to what you want to do.  Create events, projects, conferences and seminars to help you become prepared! If you are already part of a school group, and you feel that it has nothing to do with your future career goals. make it so! Ask them if you can create an event that caters to what you would like to do. Have a presentation pertaining to your goals, or current event in your field, or simply what your field is to gain experience.  Doing so will help you  put this down on your resume.

2. Let's say there is no organization on your campus, you could create one! This will look great on your resum…

How to get Jobs & Internships: Networking

Some people say it's not what you know, it's who you know. Networking helps you gain experience, find out about opportunities, find people for references and land formal and informal  interviews.  You may end up working at  a place where the person knows someone who used to work at the place you dream of working at! It may be a long shot, but it helps you get to where you want to go! Here are some tips on networking:

Create an image.  I have previously  discussed tips for creating an image. Take extra steps like business cards or a personal website (discussed in a later blog) to help you stand out. Join  networking sites that cater to what you want to do. Linked in is a great start!

Go to events! This helps you see the expectations of your field. Possible events can be conferences, galas, rallies, or open houses for the public. You can use a search engine to see what events are around in your area. Ask questions and have your elevator pitch ready.

Conduct informal interviews: In …

How to get Jobs & Internships: Creating an Image

Much of creating an image for yourself comes from networking, but this can help you in other ways as well. Creating an image doesn't mean lying about who you are,  it means knowing what about you is important to share and what isn't. With this, you will be able to network effectively.

Use your real name or full name for all documents.  we may have nick names like "bubbles", but that isn't professional.
As  I will mention  in writing a resume, don't assign a silly email to your name. Have something simple and professional. Use your school's email, or something simple like gmail. Most people use a portion or their whole name in emails. is good.
 Watch what you post and who can see it on social media sites. Edit your privacy settings if you are weary of others seeing what you post.
Watch what others post on your wall as well! you will be surprised how this can affect you.
Create a professional page through a social media site like linked in. This…

Tips for getting Jobs & Internships

Hello all! I will have a series of posts that will consist of tips and tricks on how to land a job/internship! In the meantime, here are a few tips below!

Gain experience! Get an internship even if it's unpaid.
Create something if you don't have it around your area.
Network! Get to know the people around you!
Perfect your resume and cover letter!
Do informal interviews.
Improve on your interviewing skills
Don't give up!

All of these topics will be discussed in-depth in other blogs. Let me know if there is anything you would like me to cover!

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Green Smoothies and Juices!

In a previous blog I briefly mentioned how beneficial smoothies are.   Usually a green smoothie is one that  mainly consists of green vegetables and small amounts of fruit (usually for flavor) and water. It can be made into a juice (more finely blended) as well.  Here is a summary of some of their benefits:

Green juices  and smoothies are high in nutrients and fiber
Helps easy digestion
Makes the body more alkaline
Your skin acquires a healthy glow
Increased energy
Reduces cravings
Full of antioxidants
Quick tasty, easy healthy meal!

This youtube channel has some great smoothies to try!

All smoothies are not made the same. This article sites some smoothies ( mostly made in stores) that are not so healthy. Of course I'm not a doctor and I would suggest you see yours before you carry out any of these plans. I plan on starting to make green smoothies once I buy a blender, and use them after a work out.

More info on juicing and smoothies can be found  hereherehere and here.

Do you juice or make s…