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My Diet Rules

April 21st

Okay, so when I say diet, I mean my eating habits, (check out the definition). So,  I don't go on diets, I have a diet; a set of healthy eating habits that I will have for the rest of my life. If you are trying to stay in shape or get healthy, follow these simple steps:

  • Drink water: Half your body weight in ounces to be exact

  • Cut out sugar/ fatty snacks (easier said then done!)

  • Eat many fruits and veggies/unprocessed foods. To get as much nutrients, try juicing!

As healthy Korea is, have actually eaten the WORSE. When I see things that remind me of home, I usually have them just for that recognition. For example, a few nights ago, I drank  Sprite, and didn't even touch my water. Back at home I think I would not done that.

Many times eating healthy is common sense. People in general know to eat greener, but still opt  for processed foods.  I struggle with this, in my previous blogs I have mentioned my weakness for sweets.  If you follow these simple rules,  as well as find  some motivation, you can begin to see changes in your self.

{Kime Says}