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Living in South Korea motivated me in a way I hoped it would. The trip was everything I imagined. I woke up with mountains around me, ran around the lake and hiked all day while visiting Buddhist temples and dancing to K-pop and doing yoga. It was stuff out of movies and books. I loved it.   The journey was much-needed and appreciated. I can look back and say I opened up and made friends with total strangers half way across the world  from different backgrounds without a problem. My biggest regret is not telling them how much they influenced me staying there or having fun.

Growing up, from the littlest age, I promised myself that  I would do every single thing I was not able to do then. I'm at the point in my life that I want to live out every single dream I had when I was a child.  I wanted to travel the world and see new places .To all those who are wondering about making the decisions to pursue your dreams, my only advice is to JUST DO IT! What the hell are you waiting for? You will never have that magical feeling that will tell you that this is the right time to do something. Stop making excuses for yourself and take steps to live out the life you want. You only live once, don't waste your life full of regrets or sadness. Learn from those moments to shape a better future.



{Kime Says}