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A few weeks ago was the sand festival. I  decided to travel to Busan and visit a couple of friends. Busan is in the south region of  Korea. Because of its long distance, I decided to take the KTX - a super-fast train that cuts travel in half! So instead of a five-hour trip it took me about two  and a half. My ears were popping though when I got on.

The sand festival was amazing. Haeundae beach was packed with so many people I couldn't believe it! After that though we were able to go to a beach a bit more private,  and enjoyed the waves and the view.

Maybe it's because I'm an Aquarius ( a water sign), or im from the midwest, but I love the beach! I felt so much at home in Busan, it was a sad parting to go home to Ganghwa. Granted I live on an island, but the water is too muddy to go swimming.

After I left I knew I was going to go there again!

{Kime Says}