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So I went to the DMZ today and the JSA ( friday July 8th 2012!) So exciting! If I had a bucket list, this would be something that I could cross off.

The JSA ( joint security line) is a place shared by both North and South Korea and the UN. And to be clear, the only way you can go into the JSA is with the USO  any other tour might take you around, and show you some bells and whistles, but you will miss the crown jewel: looking and going inside of North Korea!  My suggestion is do it the right way, or don't waste your money at all. 

The atmosphere going there was very intense: You sign a waiver stating that you understand no one will be responsible if you die. Followed by a guided tour, and then the JSA. We were not allowed to take pictures facing the South, but could take several pictures of the North.

After that, we visited some museums as well as tunnels dug by the North to enter the South.You couldn't take pictures there either, and quite frankly, I am very claustrophobic so I …


A few weeks ago was the sand festival. I  decided to travel to Busan and visit a couple of friends. Busan is in the south region of  Korea. Because of its long distance, I decided to take the KTX - a super-fast train that cuts travel in half! So instead of a five-hour trip it took me about two  and a half. My ears were popping though when I got on.

The sand festival was amazing. Haeundae beach was packed with so many people I couldn't believe it! After that though we were able to go to a beach a bit more private,  and enjoyed the waves and the view.

Maybe it's because I'm an Aquarius ( a water sign), or im from the midwest, but I love the beach! I felt so much at home in Busan, it was a sad parting to go home to Ganghwa. Granted I live on an island, but the water is too muddy to go swimming.

After I left I knew I was going to go there again!

{Kime Says}