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Seoul tower

2/19: Seoul tower.

Today is my four year anniversary (Technically, though not in the United States,) so it would only be fitting if the group sponsored trip to Seoul tower would fall on this day.   I was expecting to go up by cable car, but somehow we ended walking up a hill about a mile or so long. Needless to say, my muscles were aching from the unexpected hike.

I don't know whether that hike, my fear of heights, or the unrealistic ideas I had  of what Seoul tower would be like, but I was not so giddy as I thought I would be once I reached the top. Never the less, I was still able to explore, see the view and take a few pictures.  This tower showcases other towers around the world, as well as playing on the theme of love.  You can buy Lovie dovie items, as well as put your lock on the lock of love.   You and someone else ( most likely the love of your life) put a lock on the fence. it is supposed to symbolize how you will never be apart and other romantic notions. The idea of this lock is something I knew existed in France, but didn't know it was worldwide until I came to Korea.

To my surprise, it was fairly cheap to see everything, and suvenirs  as well as food was reasonably priced. Among them I  was finally able to get some decent post cards, (something that was hard to find)   view the pictures below to see more!
Me trying to look happy after finding out we have to walk up this hill :(

A pic with a few scholars :)

Part of the hill we walked up. 

View of the city from the top. 

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