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2-15 2012

Today was one of the uneventful day.  I had lectures, which I did not fall asleep in. More and more I begin to feel that this is some type of school  The dorm setting, set meals and mandatory curfew add to the experience. I long for the day when I am in my apartment with my own things. Many people tell me that this time during orientation will be the best because I will be talking to people who are speaking english and I will be alone when I'm in Incheon. Honestly, I feel alone now. I now know that language does not connect people as much as I thought. I see people connecting but somehow I feel out of the loop. Maybe it had to do with valentines day yesterday, a reminder of how loved I was by others that makes me want to be so near to them now... Right now, all I want are my dearest friends, Palm Butter soup and go to a club. To get myself out of my funk, I went to the gym. It felt very good to run my stress out! I hope to continue this physical activity, I  feel it was just what I needed.  Hopefully in the days to come, I can figure out how to feel a bit better.


{Kime Says}