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Farm Stay

Saturday: (2/18) Farm stay. This trip was one that was interesting to say the least. On the way to the farm, our bus got stuck! It was a bit scary I'll admit, because the road was so narrow, and I was afraid we were going to fall over. In order to back up  properly, we had to get a few guys to help move a car  that was behind us.

After that, we got off and headed on the farm. To be honest, I didn't know what to expect, but the view was beautiful... below are some pictures.

rice cakes (above)

making Tofu

It was so cold and half the people were sick we had to leave early.  While there, we played a traditional Korean game, learned how to make things from straw,  made tofu and flew kites.  we also ate some food that was better than the cafeteria.

For some reason, this whole trip makes me want to go to liberia more than ever. I think being on the farm for some reason and seeing what would be rice patties strengthened it. Maybe it's because my grandmother owns a farm... or that my family doesn't think I can make it in "the village?"  I think another part of this is that I see many of the foreign Koreans enjoying their time here, and  experiencing their culture in another way that I will never understand.. I would love to have that experience in Liberia.

More to come as always

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