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2-15 2012

Today was one of the uneventful day.  I had lectures, which I did not fall asleep in. More and more I begin to feel that this is some type of school  The dorm setting, set meals and mandatory curfew add to the experience. I long for the day when I am in my apartment with my own things. Many people tell me that this time during orientation will be the best because I will be talking to people who are speaking english and I will be alone when I'm in Incheon. Honestly, I feel alone now. I now know that language does not connect people as much as I thought. I see people connecting but somehow I feel out of the loop. Maybe it had to do with valentines day yesterday, a reminder of how loved I was by others that makes me want to be so near to them now... Right now, all I want are my dearest friends, Palm Butter soup and go to a club. To get myself out of my funk, I went to the gym. It felt very good to run my stress out! I hope to continue this physical activity, I  feel it was j…

Seoul tower

2/19: Seoul tower.

Today is my four year anniversary (Technically, though not in the United States,) so it would only be fitting if the group sponsored trip to Seoul tower would fall on this day.   I was expecting to go up by cable car, but somehow we ended walking up a hill about a mile or so long. Needless to say, my muscles were aching from the unexpected hike.

I don't know whether that hike, my fear of heights, or the unrealistic ideas I had  of what Seoul tower would be like, but I was not so giddy as I thought I would be once I reached the top. Never the less, I was still able to explore, see the view and take a few pictures.  This tower showcases other towers around the world, as well as playing on the theme of love.  You can buy Lovie dovie items, as well as put your lock on the lock of love.   You and someone else ( most likely the love of your life) put a lock on the fence. it is supposed to symbolize how you will never be apart and other romantic notions. The idea of this…

Farm Stay

Saturday: (2/18) Farm stay. This trip was one that was interesting to say the least. On the way to the farm, our bus got stuck! It was a bit scary I'll admit, because the road was so narrow, and I was afraid we were going to fall over. In order to back up  properly, we had to get a few guys to help move a car  that was behind us.

After that, we got off and headed on the farm. To be honest, I didn't know what to expect, but the view was beautiful... below are some pictures.

rice cakes (above)

making Tofu

It was so cold and half the people were sick we had to leave early.  While there, we played a traditional Korean game, learned how to make things from straw,  made tofu and flew kites.  we also ate some food that was better than the cafeteria.

For some reason, this whole trip makes me want to go to liberia more than ever. I think being on the farm for some reason and seeing what would be rice patties strengthened it. Maybe it's because my grandmother owns a farm... or that my fa…

Chicken and Beer

02/19 This weekend was very eventful and very fun. I had things going on the whole time.

Friday: Coffee and Chicken. A few friends and I went out in the town of Jochiwon and just explored! It was amazing and crazy and fun all the same. We found  a rather nice restaurant around town and  for only  15,000 won ( less than $15 USD) we had two baskets of chicken. We also added in the local beer  called Cass. What surprised me about Korea is that it is not appropriate to tip people in any setting, and that there is no tax.

After chicken, we decided to go for a coffee at a place that was supposed to be  Italian.  None the less, it was a great time to chat about our experiences so far.  More posts to come!

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