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Dry hair?

Weather your hair is dry just during the winter, or all the time (like me), one great idea is to add a deep conditioning treatment to your hair regimen. simple and pampering, this will help your hair stay more hydrating

What you need:

  • Shower Cap

  • A hair conditioner

I usually use Giovanni  smooth as silk deeper moister conditioner,but  I picked recently picked up  Giovanni 50:50 Hydrating- Calming Conditioner. It was on sale at  T.J. Maxx.


  •  Add vegetable glycerin to your conditioner, or after you wash it out. Vegetable glycerin is a humectant, which means it traps moisture in. Because you are conditioning your hair, the glycerin will trap in the water and leave your hair feeling moist for a long period of time.

  • Leave in conditioner: Think of this applying lotion to your hair. After you wash out your conditioner, you want something light that will be in there all day.

  • Oil products: This seals all the moisture from the water, and conditioners. Be careful! Many oils keep moisture in, but also keep it out!

What to do: 

  • Apply conditioner to your hair after shampooing.

  • Put on a shower cap

  •  Wait and let the conditioner sit in for a while. I usually wait at least two hours.

  • After, rinse out with cool water this traps in all the great things your conditioner has to offer, also leaving your hair shiny.

  •  Add your favourite leave in conditioner.

  • Seal in the moisture with an oil or oil based product. I usually also add jojoba or coconut oil, mentioned in my other blog post

  • Relax and your done!

Use this treatment as often as once a week, or as needed. I do this faithfully every week after shampooing and I love it!

{Kime Says}