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Korean Songs

So this is going to be something new!  Every once in a while I'm  going to  post  songs that are stuck in my head right now! And right now... I'm really into Korean pop! Sooo good!

Rania is the newest group I've heard about. They have  a Korean and English version of their song Dr. Feel good. The music video (below) is in Korean.

Hyuna is another song that is sticking in my head check out her vid!

Sistar19  Has an amazing lead singer!

SNSD for short has a catchy cute pop song that you will like!


With a lot of these groups I only like the one song and maybe another, but  2NE1 has a lot of great hits! here's one to catch your eye

What do you think? I know that I love! xx

{Kime Says} 


  1. Thanks for sharing! I know I am one of many that are unaware of this good music out there in Korea! Keep the blogs coming!

  2. I love this!! Ruby Tolbert referred me to this blog post because she knows I love K-Pop music! I'm more into boy groups than girl groups, but this is definitely expanding my horizons. My favorite boy band is BigBang...check them out!

  3. Thanks ruby! thanks for the support!


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