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Identity Theft

I'm only 22 yet I've been the victim of identity theft twice!  The second time was my fault: I thought that my credit card and I.D was with me, when in fact I lost it along the way home.  Here are a few tips to avoid this.

1. DONT CARRY YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER/CARD. With that, people are able to get things in your name! Remember the number and keep the card in a safe secured place.

2. Make sure passwords are not included in your wallet. This gives thieves easy access to go to your bank and access information such as cards cash checks etc. Tip: Make passwords easy enough to remember yet complicated enough no one will know.

3. Don't pass your information around.  This may seem simple, but I know it happens. There might be a day when you're too lazy and just give your card to someone else, but beware! You may not know what that person does with that information! They could give it to someone else, or simply lose it. It's best to just keep it to yourself.

4. Get online banking. I can't stress this enough! This way you can track any unusual activity instead of waiting days later from a paper statement

5. Before you get online banking you better have a good bank.  The first time money was stolen from me, I had my ID and credit Card, but somehow, someone randomly picked my credit card number to buy a plain ticket!  luckily, my bank was able to give me my money back

6. Get identity protection. Since this is the second time I have been stolen from, I'm going to opt for identity protection. REMEMBER: people can open your account using your name!  While some identity protection programs are expensive, others have a 3o day free trial for you to use. With this, you are able to see when something happens using your name!

7. DONT carry cash!  For several reasons:

  • "Cash on hand is interest lost in the bank" this is something that one of my friends says.

  • It's easier to track what someone does when you have a credit card, and easier to cancel it so they don't take all your money!

  • With cash, you will never get your money back, and you'll be wondering if you lost it or if someone stole it. with a card, if you have a nice bank ( see #4)  you'll be able to recieve your money back. Plus, you might get the perpetrator!

Just wanted to share!

{Kime Says}