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Fall must haves!

Hey all! Just a few things you should have for the fall/winter! below is a list of a few things!

1. Leggings:Great way to warm up your spring wardrobe!

2. Boots: Any type will do! These give you warmth while keeping you in style. This winter and fall, I plan on buying classic Uggs, while sticking with some army boots

3. Sweaters: Try wearing an oversized one with leggings and boots for a great fall look!

4. Scarves: well of course with the cold weather! I love wearing  scarves with prints, and usually borrow some from my grandma.

5.Dark jeans: I'm a bit partial to dark jeans, but I believe that they look good on any frame.

Remember: You don't have to spend a fortune to look good! Try yard sales  and thrift shops for select items. Also, to make spring styles go into fall, and fall styles go into winter, layer! leggings and sweaters help a lot with this!

I had a whole video of outfits for this, but there are already so many people on YouTube that show off their style! check them out!



{Kime Says}