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Dry Skin Spa Day

With the arrival of fall, my skin tends to become  drier than usual. One thing that I have started doing is hot oil baths! when I was little, I loved to do spa days, and since I started doing hot oil baths, I have  started to do this again! Here are some steps to keep moisturized while staying relaxed.

Hot oil bath: 

Example ingredients:

  • Jojoba oil: This oil is most like Sebum, the oil found on our skin. It will NOT  make you oily, but balance out the oils that are in your skin. filled with citizens and minerals, this is a MUST have multi-purpose oil.

  • Castor oil: This has been used for years to treat dry skin and eczema. As a natural emollient (moisturizer), it encourages the production of collagen, the protein that makes your skin elastic and wrinkle free!

  •  Extra virgin olive oil!  I know what you're thinking: I use that to cook! But this is an ancient remedy that people used on their skin for years!

  • Peppermint extract: This is the real deal and highly concentrated and  has been  used for years to help people relax and become more calm.

I suggest that you use 100 percent natural oils. It doesn't have to be organic, but in general, you don't want anything else in your oil. Many of these oils you can find at a local health foods store. You can find olive oil and maybe coconut oil (depends on the type) in a grocery store. Check in your pharmacy oil for castor oil, it is usually there.  Remember: these are only suggestions! you can use as many or as little oils as you want! I used jojoba oil, castor oil  grape seed oil, peppermint, and  melted some coco butter to add to my mix!


  • If you want to shower before. I use my hot oil baths as a moisturizer. Plus, you don't want to see your dirt floating around in the water.

  • Fill up tub with warm water.

  • apply oil to water. Be as generous or as cautious as you want! I put A LOT  of castor oil in mine. but you can play with amounts! you will see clumps of oil but don't let that distract you! just mix it together before getting in!

  • apply few drops of peppermint! Not a lot though! peppermint is actually drying for the skin, and since you are using pure peppermint, you have to be careful! one or two drops will be more than enough for the effects to take place.

  • Make your place more relaxing! Remember this is a spa day! I use candles  and play music to make me feel more relaxed

  • Think positive thoughts! One thing you could do is have your relaxing spa day after or before religious service so you can prepare or reflect on service! I will be doing this from now on.

If you don't have a tub: Try soaking just your feet, or soaking a towel in the ingredients listed above to apply to your face. You can also try to apply this as you are showering, or right after!

Hope you enjoy!

{Kime Says}