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Fall must haves!

Hey all! Just a few things you should have for the fall/winter! below is a list of a few things!

1. Leggings:Great way to warm up your spring wardrobe!

2. Boots: Any type will do! These give you warmth while keeping you in style. This winter and fall, I plan on buying classic Uggs, while sticking with some army boots

3. Sweaters: Try wearing an oversized one with leggings and boots for a great fall look!

4. Scarves: well of course with the cold weather! I love wearing  scarves with prints, and usually borrow some from my grandma.

5.Dark jeans: I'm a bit partial to dark jeans, but I believe that they look good on any frame.

Remember: You don't have to spend a fortune to look good! Try yard sales  and thrift shops for select items. Also, to make spring styles go into fall, and fall styles go into winter, layer! leggings and sweaters help a lot with this!

I had a whole video of outfits for this, but there are already so many people on YouTube that show off their style! check them out!


Dry Skin Spa Day

With the arrival of fall, my skin tends to become  drier than usual. One thing that I have started doing is hot oil baths! when I was little, I loved to do spa days, and since I started doing hot oil baths, I have  started to do this again! Here are some steps to keep moisturized while staying relaxed.

Hot oil bath: 

Example ingredients:

Jojoba oil: This oil is most like Sebum, the oil found on our skin. It will NOT  make you oily, but balance out the oils that are in your skin. filled with citizens and minerals, this is a MUST have multi-purpose oil.
Castor oil: This has been used for years to treat dry skin and eczema. As a natural emollient (moisturizer), it encourages the production of collagen, the protein that makes your skin elastic and wrinkle free!
 Extra virgin olive oil!  I know what you're thinking: I use that to cook! But this is an ancient remedy that people used on their skin for years!
Peppermint extract: This is the real deal and highly concentrated and  has been  used …

Korean Songs

So this is going to be something new!  Every once in a while I'm  going to  post  songs that are stuck in my head right now! And right now... I'm really into Korean pop! Sooo good!

Rania is the newest group I've heard about. They have  a Korean and English version of their song Dr. Feel good. The music video (below) is in Korean.

Hyuna is another song that is sticking in my head check out her vid!

Sistar19  Has an amazing lead singer!

SNSD for short has a catchy cute pop song that you will like!

With a lot of these groups I only like the one song and maybe another, but  2NE1 has a lot of great hits! here's one to catch your eye

What do you think? I know that I love! xx

{Kime Says}


I'm supposed to be studing but... I just wanted to write this now!

MUSIC brings out my soul. there are some songs for certian occasions, dance songs, songs you sing to act famous etc. Regardless, there are just some songs that get to your SOUL regardless of the message. its like every part just fits together and feeds you.

I remember in kindergarden singing a song to maria carrey

Identity Theft

I'm only 22 yet I've been the victim of identity theft twice!  The second time was my fault: I thought that my credit card and I.D was with me, when in fact I lost it along the way home.  Here are a few tips to avoid this.

1. DONT CARRY YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER/CARD. With that, people are able to get things in your name! Remember the number and keep the card in a safe secured place.

2. Make sure passwords are not included in your wallet. This gives thieves easy access to go to your bank and access information such as cards cash checks etc. Tip: Make passwords easy enough to remember yet complicated enough no one will know.

3. Don't pass your information around.  This may seem simple, but I know it happens. There might be a day when you're too lazy and just give your card to someone else, but beware! You may not know what that person does with that information! They could give it to someone else, or simply lose it. It's best to just keep it to yourself.

4. Get online…