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Workout songs!

Sometimes when you are working out, you just need a little boost to help you out with your workout. Thought my songs vary, these are my go to top songs I blast to get in the mood!

5.Shakira- Suerte:I want to listen to all her music! 'Suerte" is the Spanish version of 'whenever, wherever'. I don't know why, but I always love her Spanish songs so much!

4.Florence and the machine-Dog days are over: The beat of the songs just gets me. The opening with the harp just pushes me when I'm running at the gym. This song is so inspirational to me! I always imagine myself in the music video. Watch and be amazed!

3.MIA-Hombre: This song makes me want to shake my hips so bad! When I'm doing crunches or push ups, I just want to get up and dance!

2.Beyonce-Get me bodied: The original workout song! this song makes my body want to get bodied! it just has that effect on me the BET awards is my favorite version of this song ( and has a treat at the end)


1. Ester dean ft Chris Brown- Drop it low: If I never heard this song, Beyonce would still be number one. But Ester makes me want to create my own music video. I can lift weights longer,  to more push ups and run faster. Below is the original video!

{Kime Says}