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Rihanna and her "original" looks

Quick Question;
Did anyone think that Rihana's "rude boy" looked exactly like MIA's "Boyz?"

I was sooo annoyed. This is going to be a rant, so I have warned you.

When Rihanna first came out, I was in love! I loved the natural reggae/ pop feeling that she had, and she seemed like a real and down to earth person, young but confident in her skills.

Now when I see her I see fake written down all over her. I feel that the music industry is making her something that she's not, like she's trying so hard to be this bad girl,. It's so annoying.

You know those people who do everything in their power to be alternative for the sake of being alternative? Even if it doesn't go with what they believe in? That's what she's doing. M.I.A. came out with boys along time ago, and now Rihanna's stealing her thunder. This happens in music all the time, but I thought you were supposed to wait about 20 years, minimun, NOT within the same generation. She completely STOLE THE WHOLE PLOT AND IDEA FROM M.I.A.!!!. Don't get me wrong I love rude boy, I feel like this song goes back to her roots, and reminds me of the days when she first came out. But every time I see it I'm like, hmmm that looks like an M.I.A. song. Look at Rude boy, and then M.I.A.'s Boyz and Galang songs and judge for yourself:

See the similarities?

What's more, Rihanna even copied popular unsigned artiest Ebony Bones signature style. See the pics for comparisons

Things like this happen in popular culture all the time, but the fact that no credit or acknowledgement was given to these amazing singers and their styles is a bit sad. Next time I suggest Rihanna, you do so and hot have your director say that we have "similar styles." It doesn't mean you cant make the same type of music video, it means that you should be like, "I got this idea form M.I.A. and Ebony Bones, great entertainers of my time." simple.

Rihanna, at least admit that you were inspired by M.I.A.'s song that you stole, you didn't even take time to change the titles. I think, "Rude" sums up what you did.

{Kime Says}