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Hey everyone! I hope your summer is going well! For those of you who are still on your fitness journey; your workout has just become a little easier. E-Fitness‚ founded by  Emmanuel Asamoa was created to aid others meet their fitness goals. “ This is something that I’ve always wanted to do.” He says.  Asamoa learned proper work out training techniques from coaches trainers and classes. He also does research on what  types of exercises to do and which to avoid.

Realizing that many of his clients are college students Asamoa states that “I had the price set for $50 a week but I'm willing negotiate with my clients to bring the price a little lower... I believe that there are lot of people who really want to get involved but cannot afford $50 a week.”

For me getting started is the hardest part of working out. I believe having a personal trainer helps people get motivated.  Emmanuel understands this. “I believe that everyone is different... you have to be willing to spend that personal time with your clients and find out what exercise will help them achieve their goals... But not stressing their muscles too much cause too much stress on the muscles can cause injuries.”

Emmanuel is willing to work with anyone from the age of 18-50. He will be continuing his training services through out the summer as well as the  school year. This training will include not only physical fitness but correct eating habits. For more information‚ checkout  his facebook  page:

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