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How to look and stay Fit!

Everyone always wants quick tips that will help them shead the pounds and get them into those new jeans. I'm sorry to say that besides surgury thare is no quick fix!  However, if you are looking for things you can do to help change your lifestyle everyday to help you, here are some things I do, Or at least try to do as much as possible

Drink Water! I cannot stress this enough people! it makes  you more hydrated, and feel full. to find out how much water you should be drinking, take your body weight and divide it by 2, and drink a minimum of that in ounces. if you are working out you should drink more

1. Work out. View this blog to find out why.

3. opt for complex carbs

4. cut on the sugar

5. eat more fruits and veggies

5. Remember muscle weighs more than fat

6. remember, you cannot "spot train"   doing 1000 push ups and wondering why your not getting any results?

see a health care provider! not cuz i dont want to get sued, but because it helpes. you may find out tht there could …


I'm not really sure to call this blog. Here are a bunch of photos that I love! I have already posted a lot of them on my facebook, but  What do you think? The first one totally speaks to me!

Send me any more that you may have seen!

{Kime Says}

Fall must haves!

Hey all! Just a few things you should have for the fall/winter! below is a list of a few things!

1. Leggings:Great way to warm up your spring wardrobe!

2. Boots: Any type will do! These give you warmth while keeping you in style. This winter and fall, I plan on buying classic Uggs, while sticking with some army boots

3. Sweaters: Try wearing an oversized one with leggings and boots for a great fall look!

4. Scarves: well of course with the cold weather! I love wearing  scarves with prints, and usually borrow some from my grandma.

5.Dark jeans: I'm a bit partial to dark jeans, but I believe that they look good on any frame.

Remember: You don't have to spend a fortune to look good! Try yard sales  and thrift shops for select items. Also, to make spring styles go into fall, and fall styles go into winter, layer! leggings and sweaters help a lot with this!

I had a whole video of outfits for this, but there are already so many people on YouTube that show off their style! check them out!


Dry Skin Spa Day

With the arrival of fall, my skin tends to become  drier than usual. One thing that I have started doing is hot oil baths! when I was little, I loved to do spa days, and since I started doing hot oil baths, I have  started to do this again! Here are some steps to keep moisturized while staying relaxed.

Hot oil bath: 

Example ingredients:

Jojoba oil: This oil is most like Sebum, the oil found on our skin. It will NOT  make you oily, but balance out the oils that are in your skin. filled with citizens and minerals, this is a MUST have multi-purpose oil.
Castor oil: This has been used for years to treat dry skin and eczema. As a natural emollient (moisturizer), it encourages the production of collagen, the protein that makes your skin elastic and wrinkle free!
 Extra virgin olive oil!  I know what you're thinking: I use that to cook! But this is an ancient remedy that people used on their skin for years!
Peppermint extract: This is the real deal and highly concentrated and  has been  used …

Korean Songs

So this is going to be something new!  Every once in a while I'm  going to  post  songs that are stuck in my head right now! And right now... I'm really into Korean pop! Sooo good!

Rania is the newest group I've heard about. They have  a Korean and English version of their song Dr. Feel good. The music video (below) is in Korean.

Hyuna is another song that is sticking in my head check out her vid!

Sistar19  Has an amazing lead singer!

SNSD for short has a catchy cute pop song that you will like!

With a lot of these groups I only like the one song and maybe another, but  2NE1 has a lot of great hits! here's one to catch your eye

What do you think? I know that I love! xx

{Kime Says}


I'm supposed to be studing but... I just wanted to write this now!

MUSIC brings out my soul. there are some songs for certian occasions, dance songs, songs you sing to act famous etc. Regardless, there are just some songs that get to your SOUL regardless of the message. its like every part just fits together and feeds you.

I remember in kindergarden singing a song to maria carrey

Identity Theft

I'm only 22 yet I've been the victim of identity theft twice!  The second time was my fault: I thought that my credit card and I.D was with me, when in fact I lost it along the way home.  Here are a few tips to avoid this.

1. DONT CARRY YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER/CARD. With that, people are able to get things in your name! Remember the number and keep the card in a safe secured place.

2. Make sure passwords are not included in your wallet. This gives thieves easy access to go to your bank and access information such as cards cash checks etc. Tip: Make passwords easy enough to remember yet complicated enough no one will know.

3. Don't pass your information around.  This may seem simple, but I know it happens. There might be a day when you're too lazy and just give your card to someone else, but beware! You may not know what that person does with that information! They could give it to someone else, or simply lose it. It's best to just keep it to yourself.

4. Get online…

Rihanna and her "original" looks

Quick Question;
Did anyone think that Rihana's "rude boy" looked exactly like MIA's "Boyz?"
I was sooo annoyed. This is going to be a rant, so I have warned you.
When Rihanna first came out, I was in love! I loved the natural reggae/ pop feeling that she had, and she seemed like a real and down to earth person, young but confident in her skills.
Now when I see her I see fake written down all over her. I feel that the music industry is making her something that she's not, like she's trying so hard to be this bad girl,. It's so annoying.
You know those people who do everything in their power to be alternative for the sake of being alternative? Even if it doesn't go with what they believe in? That's what she's doing. M.I.A. came out with boys along time ago, and now Rihanna's stealing her thunder. This happens in music all the time, but I thought you were supposed to wait about 20 years, minimun, NOT within the same generation. She compl…

Natural 101

Many people have started using "natural" Products because they have heard that they are better for you. But there is a lot of misinformation out  there, and I thought that this would be a perfect opportunity to share with you some basic facts!
Pure Vs Organic
This topic alone may be new to some people.  There are many who don't know the difference between pure and organic products.

Organic:  This great article by the FDA, says that:
Organic refers not only to the food itself, but also to how it was produced. Foods labeled organic bust be certified by the national  Organic  Program, which took effect October 21, 2002. They must be grown and processed using organic farming methods that recycle resources and promote biodiversity- two key elements of environmentally sustainable agriculture...
The article then goes into detail about how crops have to be grown and how livestock have to live.

Pure: Is anything that the manufactures want it to be.  This word is not regulated like orga…

Workout songs!

Sometimes when you are working out, you just need a little boost to help you out with your workout. Thought my songs vary, these are my go to top songs I blast to get in the mood!

5.Shakira- Suerte:I want to listen to all her music! 'Suerte" is the Spanish version of 'whenever, wherever'. I don't know why, but I always love her Spanish songs so much!

4.Florence and the machine-Dog days are over: The beat of the songs just gets me. The opening with the harp just pushes me when I'm running at the gym. This song is so inspirational to me! I always imagine myself in the music video. Watch and be amazed!

3.MIA-Hombre: This song makes me want to shake my hips so bad! When I'm doing crunches or push ups, I just want to get up and dance!

2.Beyonce-Get me bodied: The original workout song! this song makes my body want to get bodied! it just has that effect on me the BET awards is my favorite version of this song ( and has a treat at the end)

1. Ester dean ft Chris Brown…


Being 21, I was recently at a bar with some of my friends and a guy came up to me and asked if he could touch my hair. At that very instant, there was so much I wanted to say to him, so he could understand why that comment was so... annoying, to say the least. The culture of black hair is one that is very complicated, and so thick, ( no pun intended) that there was no way for me to easily explain to this man why asking to touch a black girls hair brings off negative vibes. Today, I would like to enlighten you on the matter. My hope is for people that are not black or not in this "hair culture" understand why black women have such an "obsession" with hair. Below is a clip from the Trya show. Here, she addresses a women who wants to go "all natural." However, there is a debate between the other women who are on the show. Just watch and see for yourself.

The woman in the middle struck a cor…


Some of them you may have already heard of... But I figured a Blog is better than constant facebook updates. These people do amazing covers!

This little girl got the chance to sing with Lady gaga because of this youtube post:

The group Karmin has been on Ellen before, pretty well known but just in case you don't know them, here they are!

This cover of Judas gives me chills its so good! This just goes to show you, a talented person will be able to sing a song in any version!

Here's someone from London and I love her voice

Finally some little girls with lots of soul!

{Kime Says}


Hey everyone! I hope your summer is going well! For those of you who are still on your fitness journey; your workout has just become a little easier. E-Fitness‚ founded by  Emmanuel Asamoa was created to aid others meet their fitness goals. “ This is something that I’ve always wanted to do.” He says.  Asamoa learned proper work out training techniques from coaches‚ trainers and classes. He also does research on what  types of exercises to do and which to avoid.

Realizing that many of his clients are college students Asamoa states that “I had the price set for $50 a week but I'm willing negotiate with my clients to bring the price a little lower... I believe that there are lot of people who really want to get involved but cannot afford $50 a week.”

For me‚ getting started is the hardest part of working out. I believe having a personal trainer helps people get motivated.  Emmanuel understands this. “I believe that everyone is different... you have to be willing to spend that personal …